Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Power Outage

Another power outage has happened. This time, it was caused by storms going through our area. At this time, there is no ETA for when power will be restored.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Power Outage

The power had gone out roughly half an hour before the writing of this post. The server safely shut down, and will be turned back on once service is restored.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Blog Updates

Thought I should do a little updating to this blog, make it seem a little less dead (does anyone actually read this blog?). I changed the layout, now using a color scheme that sort of matches what the main site currently has. Even if this is for "critical updates", there should be some content up here every once in a while, especially considering there were some things that happened during the past year and a half that should have been posted here.

So, what went on? KitsuMUCK's domain expired in April 2011, and the MUCK itself went on indefinite hiatus in June. In July, I expressed interest in relaunching Digital Dimension, which actually happened a couple months ago (despite there being nothing much on that site yet). There was the hard drive burn-out in October 2011, then an almost week-long downtime in November due to the server not automatically turning back on after a power outage. And, last month, I finally bought a UPS for the server.

Now, for the site itself? I'm (slowly, but surely) working on some things. Between slackery and...slackery, stuff is getting done.